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In the early decade 70s field of engineering consultant start to be required and to anticipate that thing hence CV. ACE established on July 23rd 1971. ACE short for " Associated Consultants and Engineers. Five years afterward the field of engineering consultants expand rapidly and more complex so that requires more reliable management. On the basis of the requirement hence on July 23rd 1976, CV. ACE status improved become PT. Geo ACE.

PT. Geo ACE expands significantly in decade 80s and start to compete very tight in era 90s. Political and Economic crisis which knock over Indonesia in the middle of the 90s causing a lot of company of engineering consultant in Indonesia experience of collapse. The mentioned have an effect on PT. Geo ACE performance to.

The crisis for a long time cause PT. Geo ACE management have to change its business strategy by more effectivenes performance of work permanent staff and form reliable groups to support the operation of PT. Geo ACE. This Strategy Supported by reliable and professional staffs, scope of work of PT. Geo ACE in this time covers Geological and Geotechnical Survey, Topographic Survey, Civil Design and Planning, Environmental Impact Assessment, and Mineral & Mining Survey.

To support PT. Geo ACE performance in field, we equipped by field equipments and complete soil mechanics laboratory equipments owned by the firm so that we can finish every work quickly, precisely and satisfied with tight quality control. Head Office of PT. Geo ACE located at Jl. Soekarno Hatta 544 Bandung and to support the company activity in Indonesia, branches/liaisons established at Jakarta, Pekanbaru and Makasar.


Quality is keyword which always we keep in finishing every work of us. Geo ACE always makes all effort to satisfy our clients with high quality of work's result. Wide and complex of scope of work which can we do to prove that quality is everything for us. The works which usually we do is covering:

Geological Investigation, Engineering Geology, Drilling and soil & rock mechanic laboratory tests is one of the area of service offered by Geo ACE.

The others work such as survey of mineral resources, adit & insitu rock mechanic tests, reserve estimation, quarry mining design, geophysics survey, photogrammetric survey and terrestrial survey are also part of our services

To support the works, beside experienced and dedicated personnel we also supported by completefield equipments such as geological investigation equipments, drilling equipments, photogrammetric and terrestrial equipments. Soil and rock laboratory is set up in Bandung to make it easier in supporting the investigation and giving accurate result by processing both field and laboratory data using upgraded computer software.


One of the most numerous company's experiences is study and planning beside survey and investigation. The main purpose of the survey is to find out thepotency of an area for developing a project. The scope of service of the studyand planning includes preliminary design and economical analysis of the project. Several projects which have been performed by our team are: PLTA Ira Lalaro, PLTA Kuantan, PLTA Poigar 2&3, Proyek Irigasi Jatigede, etc


Basically, every development may give an impact on natural and social environment. This thing makes environmental impact analysis study require to be executed. Assisted by our professional expert, Geo ACE offer the consulting for Environmental Impact Assessment survey.

Water resources is an essential thing for human's life. The rapid population increase and upgrading of living standard especially in urban area has affected in the increase of water needed. Geo ACE has numerous experiences in undertaking various project of this field such as water supply project, irrigation, drainage, reclamation and agriculture development.


One of the specialties offered by the firm is hydroelectric power plant. The wide range of specialization and the many years of experience of the staff enable us to offer the engineering services of the investigation, pre-feasibility and feasibility study, detail design and construction supervision of hydroelectric power plant and transmission line project.

Beside, Geo ACE also provide services for design of coal-fired electric power plant, geothermal energy, etc.



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Geo ACE has successfully undertaken various projects in Indonesia and has been associated with Foreign Consultants :

Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA - Japan).
New Japan Engineering Consultants Inc (NEWJEC - Japan).
Nippon Koei Ltd. (Japan)
Pacific Consultant International (PCI - Japan)
Tokyo Electric Power Services Co. Ltd. (TEPSCO - Japan)
Euroconsult (the Netherlands)
Motor Columbus GmbH (Switzerland)
Agricultural Development Corporon (ADC - South Korea)
China Engineering Consultants Inc. (CECI - Taiwan)
Bechtel International Inc. (USA)
Binnie & Partners Ltd. (USA)
Engineering Consultants Inc. (ECI - USA)
WBANK Preece Limited (USA)
LGMouchel & Partner Consulting Engineer (USA)
Scott & Murphy Consulting Group (USA)
Sir M. MacDonald & Partners Ltd (USA)
Agrar Und Hydrotechnick (West Germany)
Hochtief A.G. GmbH (West Germany)
Hochtief International GmbH (West Germany)
Lahmeyer International GmbH (West Germany)
Coyne et Bellier (COB - France)
ELC Electroconsult (Italy)
INA Civil Engineering Consultants, Ltd. (SMEC, Australia)
Dansk Geoteknik GmbH Lavalin International CRIPPEN Consultants The association was held to join the project financed by International funding agencies such as the World Bank and Asian Development Bank and also bilateral aids, such as OECF and KFW.